Copenhagen summer

In the last twelve months, we did dedicate some of our travelling time to Nordic countries. I will also include The Netherlands in the bunch (weekend in Amsterdam at the end of April)- my classification of a Nordic European Country is a place where the actual summer as we know it, never arrives. Yes, it can be sunny and the light lasts until late in the evening. Yes, it can even reach 20 degrees celsius and have bright days without a cloud in the sky. But it can also go from sunny to cloudy to windy to freezing in 10 minutes, in any given day, from April until September. In this bunch I will add Copenhagen, a city where we spent 4 full days, thanks to a nice bank holiday in Italy. It is a quaint, not too big city, very civilised, clean, bike friendly and very pretty. It is not a mind-blowing place, but it is a very good representative of the Nordic way of life. Tall pretty women, good looking well groomed stylish guys, very famous restaurants, very expensive everything. 

The city has parks, canal and a sea front. It has a whole lot of weird looking statues, both of real and somehow fantasy creatures: 

The most iconic statue in Copenhagen is of course the one of a little sad woman looking at the sea- the little mermaid. Needless to say, there is nothing exceptional about it, if not the hype around it. This is how it looks: 

Although this is REALLY how it looks: 


Of course, there were Danish Pastries, Danish Hot Dogs, and well, LEGO:

Within one of the city parks, there is a beautiful Botanical Garden, with long and high glass houses, open to the public, where one can get warmer from the chill wind of June, and can wonder at tropical plants of all sorts. The park itself is really nice on its own. 

All in all, walking around was very pleasant and there were always some nice, beautiful details that could be captured: