My Favourite.......

Digital Photography Author: Scott Kelby. He wrote "The Digital Photography Book", and many books about Photoshop and Lightroom. He has a blog and I follow it on Facebook. He is funny, frill-less, direct, entertaining and you can learn a lot from him. He has a Training website, with himself and the most famous photographers giving tutorials on line, about literally everything you need to know about photography.

Photographer: I really like nature and landscape photography, but also travel photography. For the latter, I love Steven McCurry (books like "South Southeast" and "The unguarded moment" are on my coffee-table).

I really like Frans Lanting for his nature work, i.e. "Eye to Eye" or "Life" (also on my coffee table- yes, it's a busy coffee table!). Changing note, I really like Elliott Erwitt , and to the opposite spectrum, also have a passion for David Lachapelle.

Book Publisher: Taschen! Best books on the planet. I try to visit all the Taschen Stores in every city where there is one. One day I will buy all of them and have my own personal Taschen Library. Peachpit is an excellent publisher of technology books, definitely worth checking, they also have a lot of e.books about every possible topic!

Lens and cameras review: Ken Rockwell is THE guy to ask about any lens or camera of almost any brand. He literally tries and does MTF tests to all existing photography gear, is always up to date and is always very useful.

Post profuction Software: I do 99% of my post-production in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. I have a few plug-ins, like Nik Softwares for Black and White (Silver Efex Pro) and Color settings (Color Efex Pro) - great for tone mapping! I use Photomatix Pro for HDR. I am learning how to use Photoshop Elemtents 11, it's hard but a lot of fun for more graphic stuff like cards and digital scrap booking.

Photography Store: if I lived in NYC, it would be B&H. Actually, it's also online, so it is definitely B&H. In Milano I have been at Photo Discount- because it is literally walking distance from where I live. I like the people in it, they are competent and even if they look "Old school" they know very well what they are talking about. Good also for second-hand gear.

Workshops in Milano: I recently attended one Workshop for Wedding Photography at "DS Visuals School". Alessandro Della Savia is an experienced photographer and very good at passing his wisdom and knowledge. Also "Weekend Fotografici" organizes workshops mostly outdoor in Milano- I took one for Night Photography and it was a lot of fun.

Book printing Service: Blurb

Prints: Digitalpix

Shoes Designer: Christian Loubutin

Food: home made pizza, puntarelle, real Japanese food.

Country: South Africa

City: not only one but many: Cape Town, Berlin, New York, Tokyo.

Place: Zoagli

Color: Dark Navy Blue