Have you ever eaten a frog?

Apparently it looks like I am one of those few "illiterate" that did not have frogs in my list of favorite delicatessen. Ok at least between the four of us who had lunch together at Antica Trattoria Ferrari a few weeks ago. So let's recap. Bob and Peggy came to visit from the US for our wedding- they are extremely well-traveled and are not afraid to eat anything. I witnessed Bob, two years ago, having a "Finanziera"- a typical dish from Piemonte, a mix of pork testicles, lamb brain, and even rooster crests- and actually enjoying it. Antica Trattoria Ferrari is a great restaurant in the Villaggio Ticino, in Pavia, and it is famous for its Risotti. But also for seasonal regional food. One of them being fried frogs - Pavia is a region of rice fields, hence the Risotti.. and the frogs!

The restaurant itself is a gem full of objects and memories from another time- the late 1800s. There is a big fireplace at the entrance, burning in the winter time. There are books, paintings, seppia pictures hanging on the walls, an old gramophone in the middle of the main dining room. There are a lot of bottles of Grappa, and wine.   

And there is the food- delicious, abundant, so full of genuine taste, it's heartwarming..  

I should have taken pictures of the 5 kinds of Risotto we had, but in that very moment I just could not choose my camera over them. Here is a small gallery to give you.. a taste of it.